Targeted Projects for our #GivingTuesday Campaign - 1. Vaccinations - Value $3000, 2. Run In Shed for Quarantine Lot - $7000 and 3. Fence Repair - $10,000

Resources need to be renewed and maintained. See our story below that explains our rationale for our #GivingTuesday Ask!


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Resources need to be renewed and maintained. See our story below that explains our rationale for our #GivingTuesday Ask!

How We Operate!

First a Trivia Question?

Question: Do you know what natural gift that most horses process that help them find another home and purpose in life that should keep them from slaughter?

Answer: The answer is their long memories. The majority of the horses we get from the slaughter auctions have had some training foundation earlier in their lives. Horses have long memories and after needed rehab and with little training the majority of our rescues can return to useful lives. We have found alternatives for these horses that they would never have had previously.

Operations- As it Relates to Our #GivingTuesday Ask

From day one we have tried to operate with volunteers and allocate supplies and resources to the most needed cases. For example vaccinations. For all standard spring or fall shots, with the guidance of our veterinarian, we administer all vaccinations ourselves to keep costs low. The only exception is the rabies vaccine that must be administered by our vet. To acquire the vaccines we spend approximately $6,000 each year. Currently our inventory is low and we want to raise $3,000 to re-stock. Typically no matter what time of year the first vaccines are administered during the quarantine period.

Yes we do have two quarantine pastures in a segregated area on the rehab property. The main lot has a large 30 feet run in shed, water tank and electricity if needed. This lot has a covered hay feeder as well. The second quarantine lot only has a water tank and a temporary heavy plastic hay feeder. We have used this lot for overflow. This year has been more wet than normal for our area and the overflow lot was less muddy therefore we used it more. This lot needs a run in shed to be added. This is the second part of our ask for #GivingTuesday. The Amish built Run In Shed of this size is about $7,000 delivered.

Our last Ask for #GivingTuesday is related to facilities repair and the fences. You could imagine with over 1,300+ horses coming through our facility since we began operations what has happened to the 4 board fencing. We do regular repairs to keep the fencing at least safe. It is an ongoing project. In the real world the fencing should be replaced but that we understand is a budget item of $50,000 to $60,000. Other than the quarantine areas the rescues live either in the Rescue Village which are 3 stall Amish made buildings on skids that can be moved. We have 17 stalls in the village. The remaining horses live in the 6 large pastures in the back of the property. All have run in sheds, water tanks and electricity. With the rain this year we had to consolidate to 4 pastures. Repairs are estimated at $10,000.

Saddlebred Rescue Inc is a verified member of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) that is a standards setting group for best business practices for animal sanctuaries and horse rescues. We are inspected by them regularly to maintain our membership. Facilities maintenance and safety for the animals is an important goal for their operating guidelines. We also believe in this standard and we need to raise money towards this project.

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