Saddlebred Rescue (SBR) will be entering its 14th year dedicated to the mission of saving horses destined for slaughter and returning them to useful lives.

We continue to be amazed with every horse that comes in to our program what strength, resilience and character these horses really have! (Scroll down for more info & video)

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It Takes All of Us Together!

Each year presents a new challenge as Saddlebred Rescue Inc. (SBR) strives to continue its mission and remain on financially sound footing. Our volunteers dedicate their time and energy to work with the horses, provide the necessary care and training, and ultimately match them to those who are eager to provide them with a forever home. Adoption fees collected don't begin to cover the cost of maintaining our "treasures" until they are placed. Your donations have helped to feed them, and provided the means to pay the vet, the dentist and the farrier, not to mention the additional expenses for horses that have special needs. Our survival and the survival of these animals depend on your generous continued support to help SBR meet its goals.

You have supported us to work with over 1,300 horses successfully over the years. As we adopt out horses there are many more to save and provide them a second chance. They need your help.

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